Podcast #15 – Filmmaker’s Corner Retrospective

Hey there Friction fans! Episode 15 is upon us and it’s going to rock your socks off! LCD let’s us know our thoughts on John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, we FINALLY finish talking about Ridley Scott, and in our main topic we discuss how Filmmaker’s Corner has changed our views on how we see directors and their crafts. Then, as always, we’ll end with our Pop Quiz.


Podcast #14 – Exploitation Explosion!

3/4’s of the ReelFriction crew are riding high after Exhumed Films 12 hour exploitation fest so we wanted to dedicate this episode to all things exploitation!

We’ve got a plan to stick it to the man with our watched recently!

Meet the debutante in the leather skirt as Lab Rat shows us how to (Burlesque) in Cinema Sodomy!

Watch as no prison bars can hold our opinions of five more Ridley Scott movies!

Scream for your life as we talk about the Exhumed Films Ex-Fest show and discuss what makes an exploitation film and why we love them!

Finally, find out who has the raw force to conquer this weeks quiz!


Podcast #12 – Film Prejudice

We’re feeling a little Pride and Prejudice today here at ReelFriction. Well….mostly just the Prejudice part. But before we can get to that LCD will grace us with his review of The Peanut Butter Solution in Cinema Sodomy, and we’ll continue talking about Ridley Scott’s movies in Filmmaker’s Corner. For our main topic we’ll be talking about how and why prejudices exist when we make decisions on what films to watch, and as always, we’ll end with our pop quiz.


Podcast #10 – Separating the film from Filmmaker

Guys, we’re finally in double digits! See what Z thinks about Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life. A lot guys, it’s a lot. Then we talk about Craig Brewer in Filmmaker’s Corner and we answer the all important question: Is it really hard out here for a Pimp? In the Main Segment we tackle the discussion of whether or not you can separate the film from the filmmaker or actor and we we continue the topic of controversial cinema in our Pop Quiz.


Podcast #6 – Film Resolutions 2016

This week, Z let’s everyone know just what she thinks of David Lynch’s Inland Empire, we begin to take on David Fincher in our Filmmakers Corner, we talk about our film resolutions for the coming year, and as always we have our Pop Quiz.

Show Notes: Be sure to read this in depth analysis of Inland Empire:

They shoot picture don’t they top 1,000 List: