Podcast #26 – Hot Takes!

This week is all about hot takes!

HOT TAKE! We are going to talk about the movies we just watched.

HOT TAKE! LCD has opinions on Attack Force during Cinema Sodomy.

HOT TAKE! We finish off Jonathan Glazer by talking about Birth and Under the Skin!

HOT TAKE! We talk about our cinema hot takes!

HOT TAKE! LCD puts us through the ringer on this weeks Pop Quiz!


Podcast #25 – Film Resolutions

Happy New Year! We here at ReelFRICTION are all about resolutions. The Lab Rat (and all of us) resolves to tell you about the new movies he’s been watching. TC has resolved not to throw up a little in his mouth as he reviews Jack Frost. Z resolves not get TOO excited about the first film in Filmaker’s corner (Sexy Beast by Jonathan Glazer), and LCD resolves to try not to lose the pop quiz.


The Driver

The titular character in The Driver, played by Ryan O’Neal, doesn’t speak much. No one does really, except for Bruce Dern’s crazy detective out to get him. In fact, the film is so disinterested in information, that the sparseness actually becomes the point of the film. In fact, no one is ever even given a name.


Podcast #18 – Underrated Films

This week on the Reelfriction podcast we listen as TC expounds on the scientific method with his review of Tammy and the T-Rex in Cinema Sodomy. Then, we ride along in Aunt Z’s Magical Cinema Van and discuss two films that she thinks people should give a second look too: Shock Treatment and Forbidden Zone, which leads perfectly into our main topic where we talk about our top 5 most underrated films. And, as always, we finish up with our Pop Quiz.



I am definitely aging myself when I tell you that some of my fondest childhood memories were staying up way past my bedtime and catching some weird movie on one of the local channels at 2am or finding a weird VHS tape to rent at West Coast Video.


Podcast #17 – Visuals in Film

Hello and welcome to the REELfriction podcast! This week we continue to torture Lab Rat by making him review the Julianne Hough vehicle Rock of Ages in Cinema Sodomy, but we also make it up to him by discussing two of his favorite film (Gravity and 12 Angry Men) in his magical cinema laboratory. For our main topic, we talk about how visuals in film can affect us and make us feel feelings and, as always, we end with our pop quiz.