From Russia With Love

Our second installment of Bond finds him going up against the Russians in From Russia With Love. Again, I’m less familiar with the Connery Bond films, only having seen them a few times, but this movie was much better than I remembered. Where Dr. No had slow plodding moments, From Russia With Love was slicker and a far more exciting installment of the Bond series.

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Come and See

Right off the bat I’m going to say that there has never been a more devastating war film than Come and See. It was produced to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Soviet victory against the Nazi’s in World War II. To call that a victory brings to mind images of smiles and cheers and flag-waving, but as this film makes perfectly clear, it was anything but that.

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Uncharted Cinema #13: Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow opens with a vintage 70’s film strip. An advertisement for a cult-like wellness center, Arboria, that promises to deliver members true happiness.

Oh, how wrong they were. For the characters, and, unfortunately, for the viewer as well. This film is a slog. Its visual aesthetic is a claustrophobic second-rate Kubrick clone and its soundtrack is composed of the same brain-numbing repetitive sounds.

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