REELfriction is dedicated to providing opinionated film criticism from opinionated film fans through both the written review and our audio podcast.

Our reviewers have very different tastes, so whatever your film inclinations, we’ve got your covered.

The Cinesthete


TC’s pretentiousness knows no bounds. He has seen every film you’ve never heard of. If you’ve ever heard of some “cutting edge” foreign director, TC has fellated them. Subtitled and letter-boxed films make him soil his panties. I like TC less than I like mimes. I murder mimes. (written by Lowest Common Denominator)

When TC is not reviewing, talking, or making sweet sweet love to movies, you can find him at his website proleary.com, on his youtube channel, or on twitter at @proleary

Lowest Common Denominator


Many people call LCD a philistine. He doesn’t know what that means but to him it sounds nice. It does fit his taste in movies well. From Anchorman to Blades of Glory to Step Brothers, his varied tastes in genres run the gamut from Will Ferrell comedies to Will Ferrell comedies. (written by The Cinesthete)

When LCD is not yelling at people for hating Will Ferrell movies, you can find him at JCVD look-a-like contests and on instagram as NorseLibrarian

Lab Rat


If there is a film director you’re supposed to like, Lab Rat likes it. If there is a movie you’re supposed to like, Lab Rat likes it. If you say something bad about Stanley Kubrick, Lab Rat will hunt you down beat you. Oh, he also likes unicorns. (written by Z)

When Lab Rat is not hunting down Kubrick non-believers he can be found right here at this website reviewing movies.



Z is full of joy when it comes to discussing moving pictures. She’s most enraptured when she watching something with glitter, glitz and glam. She’s particularly drawn to the flash, the glimmer, the twinkle, shimmer and shine of… Who am I kidding? She likes shiny objects. (written by Lab Rat)

When Z is not being distracted by ALL THE SHINY THINGS, ahem, I mean, while she’s not writing at this website, you can find her at her own site ThroughACrackedLens.com, at her Etsy Stores SinisterPinkPrints and ThroughACrackedLens, on Twitter at @Sinister_Pink and on Instagram at Sinister_Pink