As you probably have seen, this website has become a little stagnant. Not because I haven’t been watching and thinking about films, but because I have a lack of confidence with what I have been putting online.

I have decided to rethink how I am approaching this website. People don’t really care about every movie I watch (to be honest, I don’t either), so I am going to discontinue the “Recently Watched” entry at the top of the page.

I am also going to change how I write my reviews and how I decide which film to review. I plan to find a way to distinguish this website from the sea of similar ones.

With LCD’s help, a design face-lift will be coming soon. But more importantly, we are hoping the content will make you want to revisit more and more.

UPDATE: I have decided I will mostly do two types of posts for this site. Film reviews will be the main posts. These reviews will be much shorter than I used to write. No one wants to read 500 words on most films.

To compensate I will rate films with a letter grade and for fun each film will get an award of my choosing. I hope to make these insightful and interesting and post them much more often.

At the end of the year I will collect all of the awards from that years films, adding a few more, and post the results in our yearly award show.

The second type of posts will be essays. These will be more detailed in-depth discussions of various film-related topics. They may cover one film, or many, or something else entirely. Those will be posted less frequently, but I hope to keep the content very memorable.

I don’t want to wait for LCD’s redesign, which I am sure is forthcoming, so I am going to start this change today with the above post for the last film I watched.


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