Victor Salva, USA, 1989, 81 min.

dpThis is a standard low-budget horror film about a team of murderous clowns. It’s Victor Salva’s first feature film and shortly after it was made he was convicted for sexual relations with it’s young male star.

Salva obviously films the trio of young male brothers through a unique lens. We see them in underwear, naked and bathing etc. It’s a bit odd and creepy to say the least. The film also has a teenage Sam Rockwell in his first film role.  It’s a bad film that I can only recommend as a cultural oddity.

trophyThis film wins the award “Longest Shoe-laces” for Casey’s foot-long high-top laces that always seem to come untied when a clown is right behind him.

2 thoughts on “Clownhouse

  1. I hope my discussion wasn’t taken for recommendation, although it certainly deserves a spot in my top favorite 3 or 4 Victor Salva movies… Knowing the incident that took place to land Salva in jail added a level of horror to the film, like how if Roman Polanski directed “Happiness,” it would make it twice as interesting.

  2. also, there’s only room for one killer clown movie masterpiece, and THAT movie
    spells clown with a K!!

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