Body Double

Brian De Palma, USA, 1984, 114 min.

apIt’s obvious that De Palma loves cinema, and that comes across in the films he makes. But no more so than Body Double. The story develops slowly, and I won’t ruin it here, but it is solid and satisfying.

The style is lifted straight from Hitchcock, twisted and hyper-realized into a gloriously shifting and spinning ode to the possibilities of film.

It’s all over-the-top, but it is all believable. De Palma is masterful in the way he taps into what makes movies great, and puts it up on the screen in all its glory.

trophyThis film wins the award “Best Pornography Video” for Jake Skully (Craig Wasson) wandering through a glitzy boudoir while “Relax” plays in the background, and then stumbling upon Holly Body (Melanie Griffith) in her dressing room.

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