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I survived the Exhumed Films 24-hour Horror-thon Part IV! The presentation this year was awesome as usual. There was great coordination by the group to get things moving, there was plenty of vegan food to eat and DVDs/t-shirts/posters to buy. And, most importantly, there were no digital projections. It was all real film!

The movies were a mixed bag this year. There are some stellar highlights, and some dreadful lows. They squeezed in 14 films which left little time for breaks. Based on the films shown I would have definitely dropped one and then added in more trailers and shorts and the like in order to break things up.

But overall I can’t complain. Where else could I have done something like this? I really appreciate the fact that this 24-hour show even exists and that I have gotten to go on several occasions. It’s a must for any film-fan.

As usual we got clues to what movies were going to be played but didn’t know the actual films until they popped up on the screen. There was a contest to see who could guess the most before the show started. The winners got 4 movies correct and won a blu-ray player. I am claiming a score of 3. How did you do?

Again, I have a lot of respect for the Exhumed Films group and the International House. It’s a great theater and it was a great show.

2007 Line-up
2009 Line-up

And now, without further ado, the 2010 lineup!

#1 – Silly slasher sequel that is not nearly as good as the original, but is still pretty entertaining.

I never saw any films from this series, but I was very impressed with this one. Creepy tone, lots of Barker-esque images, and great characters and music. I actually thought it was a really well-made film. I guess I should watch other films from this series. It was a nice film to start the night with.

#2 – Giant monster movie

The Shaw Brothers have left no genre untapped. This time they did a great job with a pseudo-King Kong remake. The opening was excellent and the sequence in the jungle before the ape gets to the big city was hilarious. The campy effects played very well on the big-screen (in Shawscope!). It was a dynamite film-print as well. This was a very enjoyable change from the Japanese monster movies.

#3 – Nifty, creepy horror anthology

This anthology was made before the TV show so the funny little undead guy was nowhere to be found. So instead of comedic, the stories were creepy and horrific. More like the original comics. Some shorts were better than others but overall it was a good anthology.

#4 – Campy creature feature sequel that may actually be a little bit better than the original

If this film is better than the original than that doesn’t bode well for the original. This story of babies being born as creepy little killer monsters was pretty poor. The creatures looked cool, but you never got to see them. The film makes the error of not showing the monsters enough. Usually, leaving it to the imagination is good, but it doesn’t work here. Perhaps because the film had nothing else going for it.

#5 – Zombie Movie

They said they could never show this movie but they finally managed to pull it off! This was one of the highlights. I always loved this film, and have seen it a few times. Because of that, and since it is pretty long, I thought it would get boring. No, it didn’t. I became fully engrossed in the story and themes. It’s an epic epic film that really has an atmosphere all its own. It was pretty amazing to see it on the big screen. Score!

#6 – Goofy, gory horror/sci-fi exploitation flick

Is this a sequel? Apparently, although it doesn’t matter. An asteroid crashes, releasing a deadly eggplant monster. It hides out in a basement and starts eating the residents in gory fashion. It took a little while to get going, but it was pretty enjoyable. I mean, if you like that sort of thing. I didn’t think it was anything that special.

#7 – The movie that “Rocky Horror Picture Show” wished it could be

The best film of the night was this musical. The director is one of my favorites and his re-imagining of Phantom of the Opera was something I always wanted to see. Like his other films it is full of life and energy and a love of cinema. It’s an incredible oddity that works wonderfully. What a great film and a great choice for the horror-thon.

#8 – Holy Fucking Shit. The greatest, bloodiest kung-fu movie of all time. I don’t even know what else to say, I just… I mean, this movie is… holy fucking shit.

That description is very over-the-top, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great movie. It’s a quintessential Shaw Brothers kung-fu film. Some martial artists have to beat a clan of ninjas that fight with the power of the elements! Its a classic story. First they lose, then some training and then a rematch. Its full of spectacular fights, mystical powers, and bloody craziness. If you like martial arts this is a must see.

#9 – Sleazy slasher movie directed by a genre favorite

If you like slasher films then this one is pretty good. Some kids spend the night at a carnival and see a murder. They are caught and have to run away from the crazy carny and his deformed monster son. A nifty setting, dripping in color, gives this some atmosphere. And some solid direction keeps this from falling into the unwashed heap of slasher films.

#10 – Tongue-in-cheek monster movie classic directed by a genre favorite

I’ve seen this at Exhumed years ago and I was getting very tired at this point, so I fell asleep a bit. That doesn’t mean the film was bad. It’s actually a pretty good werewolf film. It’s good some horror, some humor, and some good creature effects. Overall, its a solid film, just not something I was really into at the time.

#11 – Supernatural shocker that is so utterly ridiculous it must be seen to be believed. And even then you still probably won’t believe this movie exists in our universe. Maybe the most inept movie Exhumed Films has ever screened. Could be this year’s Raw Force. On the other hand, could just as well be this year’s Dracula vs. Frankenstein

I was excited and scared to see this film based on that description. I never heard of it before but when the film started playing I knew right away that this was going to be really really bad. I was just hoping it a fun type of bad. Well, it was very funny for a few minutes but soon I just wanted it to end. It was horrible, inept and I think I died a little inside trying to watch it. It was shot on video and had the aesthetic of a home movie. I won’t bore you with the story (was there one?), I will just say it was definitely no Raw Force. Nor was it a movie that felt like it belonged at Exhumed Films.

#12 – Influential slasher sequel that many people feel surpasses the original

This is another slasher series that I never really got into. This one is just not my cup of tea. But I guess this was better than the original. How many times could you watch this type of movie? I shouldn’t talk, there are some types of films that I can watch endlessly. Well, this one really wasn’t that bad. I was just hoping for something better at this point of the night.

#13 – “Animals Attack” movie with a snazzy sci-fi twist

Ug! This film was very bad. It started out well, with an earthquake releasing thousands of fire-setting roaches that terrorize the town, but that didn’t last long. It ignored that part of the story and then concentrated on a scientist who is attempting to breed the insects. Why? Who knows. Maybe I missed something because I was so tired but the film had no direction and nothing making me want to watch it.

#14 – Historically, the horror-thon has always ended with a zombie movie. I guess this film counts. Kind of…

There was a zombie in it, but otherwise the film is full of a creepy kid named Bob, a haunted house, a weird librarian, and a stupid story. I was hoping for something good for the final film but alas, Fulci movies are never good when you are tired.

So even though the line-up was a very front-loaded, the 24-hour fest went off without a hitch and was another great event in the history of Exhumed Films. Year 13 and still going strong!

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  1. Thanks for posting this, and thanks for doing it in this fun way, not just posting a list of movie titles. I wouldn’t have guessed any of them right!

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