Broken Embraces

Pedro Almodovar, Spain, 2009, 127 min.

aI think Almodovar has a lot in common with Atom Egoyan. Both of them structure their screenplays in an almost symmetrical way. Everything seems to happen for a reason, and at the end, connections are made in strange ways that you weren’t aware of at the beginning of the film.

This film is no exception. It’s the story of a love-affair, the making of a film, and the people involved in each. It manages to bring out the power in the emotions not just through the story, but through its style.

The design is filled with primary colors as usual, and Almodovar films Penelope Cruz like he is in love with her. This is a classic representation of Almodovar’s style, his storytelling and his love of cinema.

trophyThis film wins the award “Most Lovingly Photographed Actress” for Almodovar’s luscious treatment of Penelope Cruz.

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