127 Hours

Danny Boyle, USA, 2010, 94 min.

bpAnyone who sees this film will probably know the story already. Not only that, but the story takes place in one cramped location with one person. Its a testament to his skill that Danny Boyle manages to keep the film full of energy and imagination without resorting to cheap tricks.

Oh, he does resort to tricks alright, but they are the kind that make movies worth watching. The camera in this film is a living thing, moving in and out of places that other film-makers would not think if going. Not only the camera, but the story moves in out of places and times as well. From the present tense, to flashbacks and memories, to dreams and images from the future.

Sure, it is hard to watch at times, but these moments are not exploitative and are encased in some great film-making. James Franco is also very strong in this role. When the final moment comes, it is well-earned. We believe that someone could do this, not just because it actually happened, but because the film shows lets us believe it.

trophyThis film wins the award “Weirdest Location to Place a Camera” for a shot of the inside of an arm from the inside of an arm.

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