Ex Drummer

Koen Mortier, Belgium, 2007, 101 min.

dNormally I don’t mind dark, disturbing, dirty films. I’m a fan of anything that can subvert the normal expectations of cinema. This time, it doesn’t work. The films concerns a group of handicapped musicians who set out to win a music competition. For their drummer they decide to recruit a famous author who decides to join the band for his own strange reasons.

The drummer lives in a penthouse apartment, in clean luxury. The rest of the band lives in the seedy underbelly of the city and its outskirts. They are poor, uneducated, filthy, and just generally horrible human beings. The contrast between the two lifestyles is evident, but the motivations of the title-character are murky at best.

That was my issue with the film. It has some style, especially the opening, but the aesthetic of the film is just so ugly. And worse, the characters are so unlikeable that it is too hard to understand why anyone would want anything to do with them.

trophyThis films wins the award “Most Apt Nickname” for “Big Dick”, the rival musician who enjoys whipping it out for pleasure, for art, for combat, and anything else he feels like.

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