Philly Cinefest – Day 10


Before the Fall – F. Javier Gutierrez – Spain

It starts off with a promising premise.  A meteor is going to destroy Earth in three days. Riots and craziness happen as the public panics. In a remote Spanish town, a family is awaiting the arrival of a child-killer who escaped from jail and is coming for revenge against the one who got him captured. Unfortunately, the film devolves into a slasher flick and makes many odd choices on its way to an unfulfilling climax. It also had too many power zooms.

Burning Plain – Guillermo Arriaga – USA

Arriaga’s trademark screenplay structure is at work here in his directorial debut. This time, his low-key style works even better than Innurita’s in your face melodrama. The screenplay is solid and reveals information slowly and at the right time. The story follows a few different people from all walks of life, and goes back and forth in time until a complete picture is made. Very well done.

The Equation of Love and Death – Cao Baoping- China

A woman is obsessed with the boyfriend who left her 4 years ago. She is a cabdriver who keeps pictures of him and thinks there may be some code in the letters he has been sending. Things take a turn when she is kidnapped by some passengers. This film was all over the place. The kidnapping has nothing to do the with the plot. The missing boyfriend story is strange and senseless and the ending has no real value. A good performance by the main character is wasted.

My Dear Enemy – Lee Yoon-ki – South Korea

A woman finds her exboyfriend and tries to get the money he owes her back. He takes her on a journey to borrow money from other people to do it. This film angered me. It wasn’t bad. The two leads were good, but it was achingly slow. It had a destination, but it took its damn time getting there. Even if it wasn’t my 44th film in a row, I still would just have wanted the movie to end. It didn’t need to take it’s time since it was so predictable.

Rudo y Cursi – Carlos Cuarón – Mexico

Rudo and Cursi are the nicknames or two poor Spanish brothers who get recruited into the wild world of professional Mexican soccer. There meteoric rise to fame, one as a goalkeeper and one as a striker is slightly unpredictable but very entertaining. Everything that happens in this film makes sense, and the characters feel real. A very fun film that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but it still feels fresh and interesting anyway.

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