Tron: Legacy

Joseph Kosinski, USA, 2010, 127 min.

cThis film starts off very strong and for half its running time manages to exceed expectations. The story is a sequel to the original, starring some of the same characters and containing some fun in-jokes.

The world and character design are great. The film has a cool look, much less claustrophobic than the original. And the music from Daft Punk is very fitting. I was unimpressed with the 3D, which was almost non-existent. Jeff Bridges anti-aging effects were pretty good, but very obvious. It starts off strong with a believable story (considering the subject matter), but about half-way through, after some cool sequences, it goes off the rails.

The story becomes unclear. Characters have powers that are never explained or do things without motivation. Action scenes become so overblown that objects in space start to have no relationship to each other. It becomes a messy standard action film that adds ideas in at the last minute to make the story do what it wants.

trophyThis film (tied with the original) wins the award “Biggest Door” for the large metal monster that locks the Encom building.

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