The Cinesthete’s Annual Filmie Awards for 2010

You already saw my Top and Bottom films of the 2010 on my last post. But now, in no particular order, here are the Filmie awards for 2010!

trophyThe Award for “Best Dance Scene” goes to Dogtooth for the strangely choreographed duet.

trophyThe Award for “Best Fight Scene” goes to Inception for the rotating hotel fight scene.

trophyThe Award for “Best Documentary about a Bad Film” goes to Best Worst Movie for the it’s joyful celebration of all things Troll 2.

trophyThe Award for “Best Accent” goes to You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger for Lucy Punch’s portrayal of a trophy wife.

trophyThe Award for “Best Rescue” goes to Kisses for Dylan grabbing the car and getting dragged behind on his wheelies.

trophyThe Award for “Best Grindhouse Film” goes to Machete for the film inspired by a grindhouse trailer.

trophyThe Award for “Best Non-traditional Climax” goes to The King’s Speech for the titular speech at the end of the film.

trophyThe Award for “Most Interesting Place to Put a Camera” goes to 127 Hours for putting it in an arm!

trophyThe Award for “Best Direct-to-DVD Film” goes to Batman: Under the Red Hood.

trophyThe Award for “Most Over The Top Sequence” goes to A Serbian Film for the absurd, incorrectly toned climax.

trophyThe Award for “Worst Action Scene” goes to Clash of the Titans for the headache inducing tarantula fight. Where’s Harryhausen when you need him?

trophyThe Award for “Funniest Sex Scene” goes to OSS 117: Lost in Rio for the full on 70’s beach orgy.

trophyThe Award for “Creepiest Sex Scene” goes to Splice for Adrien Brody being seduced by his strangely attractive creation.

trophyThe Award for “Most Blatant Nudity” goes to Piranha 3D for the two naked women swimming under water in slow motion for several minutes.

trophyThe Award for “Best Delivery of Horrible Dialog” goes to Daybreakers for Willem Dafoe saying “Living in a world where vampires are the dominant species is about as safe as bare backing a 5 dollar whore”

trophyThe Award for “Best Actress” goes to Black Swan for Natalie Portman’s portrayal of a repressed young ballet dancer.

trophyThe Award for “Worst Title” goes to Hot Tube Time Machine for obvious reasons.

trophyThe Award for “Best Investigation Scenes” goes to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for an unlikely pair circling closer and closer to the solution of a mystery.

trophyThe Award for “Best Actor” goes to The King’s Speech for Colin Firth’s portrayal of a king with a speech impediment.

trophyThe Award for “Worst CEO” goes to Exam for the mentally deficient head of the mysterious corporation.

trophyThe Award for “Best Soundtrack” goes to Kick-Ass for the soaring score by a few different composers.

trophyThe Award for “Worst Sequel to a Good Movie” goes to Iron Man 2 for the befuddling and messy follow-up to a the solid original.

trophyThe Award for “Biggest Flaming Balls” goes to Centurion for some big balls of fire.

trophyThe Award for “Creepiest Potential Son in Law” goes to Cyrus for Jonah Hill’s portrayal of a strange young man.

trophyThe Award for “Most Superficial Characters” goes to Sex and the City 2 for the return of the four hideous creatures that lack any redeeming qualities.

And Finally, my favorite part of being a film fan. The Best Repertory Cinema Screenings of 2010:

3) Dawn of the Dead (1978)A rare screening of the original in 35mm. Part of the Exhumed Films 24-hour horror fest.

2) Troll 2 (1990)/ Gremlins (1984) – Another Exhumed Films double-feature. A really fun bad movie in 35mm, following by an exciting and colorful classic of horror/comedy.

1) Phantom of The Paradise (1974) – Brian De Palma in 35mm! I had not seen this before, and this was by far the best film of the Exhumed Films 24-hour horror fest. A great film to see in the theater.

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