4 thoughts on “Black Swan

  1. Hmmm, thought you would have liked this one, Eric. It ‘is’ a highly rated movie all right, and I and Patrick both highly rate it; but I have not heard ONE critic mention the script in ANY way whatsoever… It’s true, it’s a simple, cliched, silly repetitive script. Still, the film is a masterpiece. I think Drunken Master 2 and Halloween are both masterpieces, but the scripts are similarly inconsequential. Movies are more than scripts. You want great writing, then read a damn book. Movies are far too rich a medium to be left solely to the storytellers. Black Swan is fantastic because the movie is directed and acted well. Fact!!! I don’t know how you can say this movie sucks… I’d agree that MILA KUNIS sucks in this movie… and the fact that she sucks natalie portman to the point of coming should have at least gotten this movie a solid B to you, I would think. No?

  2. Well said Stevn. I didn’t want to waste my time trying to explain such things to LCD, but I’m glad that someone did.

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