Deadly Weapons

Doris Wishman, USA, 1974, 75 min.

Doris Wishman’s films make no attempt to be any more than what they are: cheap, sleazy, entertainment. All involved know what they are making, and because of that they get a freedom of style and story and keep things moving quickly.

Deadly Weapons, the first of two Wishman films starring well-endowed Polish actress Chesty Morgan, is the story of a woman out to get revenge against the mobsters who killed her boyfriend. She doesn’t have any training, or any experience, but she does have two large breasts that she uses to hypnotize and smother her enemies.

It does lead up to a remarkabley interesting twist ending, but it never delivers any eroticism or titilation. It’s just trashy. But in the trashiness is where I found entertainment. The viewer knows what type of film they are going to see, and that is the same film that Doris Wishman wanted to make.

trophyThis film wins the award “Biggest Mustache”.  You’d think with Chesty Morgan in the film that the “Biggest…” award would go to her, but you haven’t seen Harry Reem’s mustache! You can’t miss it, at 55 seconds in.

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