Cold Weather

Aaron Katz, USA, 2011, 96 min.

An ex-forensic science student moves in with his sister, gets a job at an ice factory, makes a new friend, and gets pulled into a very intriguing mystery. Aaron Katz directs this creative character study/mystery, which is more about the character study, and less about the mystery. The characters, a brother and sister are played by Cris Lankenau and Trieste Kelly Dunn, and both do a great job being low-key and believable. But Raul Castillo nearly steals the film as their new friend Carlos.

Christy Lemire described this film as “mumble-core with a purpose,” and I agree completely. The clever story is what drives the film forward. Not just because we want to know what happens, but because it’s the vehicle that forces the main characters together to let us study their interaction. And in the end, although it gives you a good ride, the mystery was not important. It’s purely about the relationship of the brother and the sister.

It is flawed. There are some pacing issues and a lot of the shots are just held too long. The long-take style works when the scene calls for it, but sometimes I felt my finger hitting the imaginary “cut” button. But those small problems are overshadowed by a truly unique vision that is funny, thrilling and true to life.

trophyThis film wins the award “Best Star Trek Reference” for an unlikely character bringing up a Star Trek convention, Marina Sirtis, and of course, Gul Dukat.

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