Iain Softley, USA, 1995, 107 min.

Hackers has become a joke amongst film fans. It is usually brought up in the same sentence as Show Girls and Kazaam as an example of bad 90’s films. But most if not all of the criticism of this film has to do with its very inaccurate portrayal of hacking and computers in general.

Is that an important criticism? I don’t think so. Hackers plays like a near-future sci-fi film. It’s slick and angry, with some good casting and wonderfully detailed production design. The story is straightforward and effective. The villain (Fisher Stevens) and his scheme are solid. It has a nice set-up and builds logically to an exciting climax.

The cast is great. The two main leads, Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, have the right look and the perfect tone as the young edgy protagonists. Their wardrobe is perfect and adds to the world of the film. This works exceptionally well for Angeline Jolie, who has a unique look that brings much to her character.

Why such hatred for Hackers? It really is a good-looking, exciting film. I especially liked the quick montage editing that shows the character’s immediate desires. Is the accuracy of the technology that important? Not to this viewer. I enjoyed the film for everything else that it had going for it.

This film wins the award “Best Dream Sequences” for Dade’s and Kate’s strange and funny dreams of each other.

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