William Eubank, USA, 2011

Love was part of a special event put on by the band Angels and Airwaves. The film is produced by the band, who also did the score. Although it was paired with music videos and a live concert, the film stands alone as a single work. This review will comment only on the film and not the surrounding event.

I do admire the film, because the film-makers obviously made something that meant a lot to them. The problem is that they did not take into account how the audience would interpret what they were shown. The story, about an astronaut trapped alone on a space station, is very straight forward. But the film veers in and out of surrealism and fantastic science fiction, and offers up unclear interpretations of the events that unfold.

The main performance by Gunner Wright is strong, and the design is great. They really stretched the $500,000 budget to great effect, but a lot of the film is derivative of other science fiction films and stories. And the ending is heavy-handed. This is one of those films that I really wanted to like, and one that I do respect, but not one that I would consider very good.

This film wins the award “Most Obviously Influenced by 2001: A Space Odyssey, due to its similar themes, atmosphere, technology and even shot design.

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