Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Eli Craig, USA, 2011, 89 min.

The draw of the film is its gimmick. Tucker and Dale, two well-meaning West Virginians, just happen to look like psycho hillbilly killers. But all they really want to do is go to their vacation home in the wilderness, and have a nice weekend of home improvement, fishing, and drinking.

A group of teenagers happen to be going on a camping trip in the same area. Through a series of comical misunderstandings, the teenagers beleive Tucker and Dale have kidnapped one of their own and are out to kill them all. But Tucker and Dale are just trying to be helpful, even though these crazy teenagers are accidentally killing themselves all over their property.

It’s a great gimmick, and has some great scenes. But the gimmick is over too quickly and the film turns into a standard, if comedic, horror film for the last third. But by that time I was in too much of a good mood to care. The leads and the film are likeable and the whole thing is over before you get a chance to want it to be better than it is.

This film wins the award “Best Use of Horror Cliches”  for taking all of the tired old scenes and reversing them to great comedic effect.

1 thought on “Tucker and Dale vs Evil

  1. I do like this movie a lot. I would definitely watch this again and kind of hope for a sequel, though that may ruin the originality of this one by overdoing it. The ending is not as strong as I would have liked but it is still good and keeps me entertained enough not to hate the movie. The Tucker and Dale characters are so likeable, strange, entertaining, and original that they almost need another movie or their own TV show to keep telling their stories and adventures.

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