Exhumed Films Ex-Fest 2012

Seven exploitation films in twelve hours. The second Ex-fest from Exhumed Films can be summed up best by the tagline on the poster they made:

“She was young… she was pretty… she was innocent… until Exhumed Film’s eX-Fest Part II!”

Interesting line-up this year. I had only heard of two of the films, and I hadn’t seen any. Nothing beats experiencing the first viewing of a film in the theater. Especially at the International House, and especially with the EF crowd.

Again, the group always puts on a good show. Check out my recaps and reviews here: http://reelfriction.com/index.php?s=exhumed+films

The films:

1) The No Mercy Man

Vietnam vets protect an old man’s ranch from a gang of carny ruffians. A slow burn film with some good action set-pieces and corny dialog. The ending is a highlight: a long-awaited killing spree followed by a mano-a-mano fight to the death.

2) Fear is the Key

This opens with one of the longest car-chases I have ever seen. Some good stunt work, a cool central character, and Ben Kingsley very young mask a convoluted story of revenge, too much coincidence, and underwater salvage.

3) The Man from Hong Kong

Jimmy Wang Yu goes to Australia and kicks butt on the trail of a martial artist mob boss. Great stuff from Brian Trenchard-Smith. The perfect blend of action, comedy, and old-fashioned exploitation fun. The highlight of the night.

4) Death Weekend

The usual story of a gang of young ruffians dead set on terrorizing a young model and her weekend date. It’s spiced up a bit by portraying the date as a rich jerk with very few qualities that bring him above the level of their tormentors. Takes a bit to get to the usual revenge stuff. Nothing special.

5) Wipeout!

An Italian crime film. Amidst double crosses and assassinations a mid-level mobster rises the ranks of the “family.” Henry Silva could play a roll like this in his sleep, and he pretty much does here. It’s a decent actioner that has well-filmed explosions, gun fights and car chases. The best part was the rock-guitar music cue that pops up throughout.

6) Vice Squad

From 1982, this film was down-right new compared to some of the others shown. It’s the story of a prostitute turned police-informant who is being hunted by a psycho-pimp. The style isn’t as sleazy or dark as you would imagine. It’s more colorful than you would expect, with some hints of intentional humor. Great performance by Wings Hauser as the villain. Thoroughly enjoyable.

7) Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

An ultra-rare 35mm print. I should be honored to have seen it! The notorious film, about a female Nazi doctor who experiments on and has sex with both male and female prisoners, is not as shocking as you would think. For the time it’s notoriety was probably earned, but now it is pretty tame compared with what can be seen in mainstream movie theaters. But it is campy and stupid and was a nice nightcap to an outrageous slate of films.

2 thoughts on “Exhumed Films Ex-Fest 2012

  1. Just wanted to comment on your dismissive review of Ilsa: the print screened at Exfest was a cut print – practically all of the Joe Blasco gore effects were excised, which may have rendered it “tame” to some eyes.

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