Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horror-thon 2012

My favorite film event of the year is back! I’ve spent enough time in the past explaining why I believe the Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horror-thon is the premiere film-going experience in the world. So until you can attend, just take my word for it.

Here are the line-ups from previous years:

2011 Line-up
2010 Line-up
2009 Line-up
2007 Line-up

As usual, we were able to try to guess the films based on the clues below. I was very confident with my guesses this year and really thought I was going to win a prize. Unfortunately, only one of my guesses was correct. Sad trombone. But I included them at the bottom of this post for those that are interested.

This time, they played 15 films. There were a few highs, some lows, and lots of forgettable middles.  I know its hard to get 35mm films, especially some as rare as these. Just the fact that they pull it off is amazing, so I can’t fault them at all if some of the selections were not up to the standards I would have liked. It was still a great day to be a film fan and I was happy to attend!

#1 – An appropriately demonic movie to kick of Horror-thon Part 666

When I was around 10, about the same age as the main character, this film terrified me. So much so, that I had refused to watch the film as an adult because I did not want to lose that feeling. I knew when I saw it, that it probably did not age well and I would find it stupid and uninteresting.

So when the title appeared on the screen I thought about ducking out of the theater, but I gave in and watched. It’s not scary, but it was far from boring and uninteresting. I can see how I was scared of it as a child, and I appreciated that fact and enjoyed it for a the colorful, fun and nostalgic horror film that it is.

#2 – Giant Monster movie, though not necessarily the type you might expect

This was half crime-drama, half monster movie with a touch of ancient magic thrown in. It was fun, mainly because of the performance by Michael Moriorty as the slick-talking lowlife Jimmy Quinn. His story of a robbery gone wrong intersects with that of a giant bird-like creature snatching people off of the top of buildings. And David Carradine is the only one who can save the day. Not great, but a good 70s treat.

#3 – Sleazy ’70s psychotic/sorta-slasher cinema

This film is famous for its VHS cover during the video-nasties fad back in the day. This film itself is a bit nasty, due to its story of a deranged artist pushed just a bit too far. His weapon of choice to rail against society? A drill of course. I admire that the film tried to be artistic, but it was basically a gorier version of Taxi Driver. Again, a nice treat from the time period.

#4 – Well regarded, nasty little horror/sci-fi oddity

What did I just watch? Was that a real movie? And if so, why had I never heard of it? This sci-fi film has great special effects, a cool story, and some very bizarre imagery and sequences. No name stars, but everyone put in a great performance. I was very impressed and entertained throughout. Highly recommended!

#5 – One of the most divisive horror films of all time – wait for the title screen, then either sit back and enjoy or take the opportunity to catch some dinner

I’m with the group that stayed when this film started playing. I always enjoyed it. Mainly because of its tone, the style of the director and the performance by Tom Atkins. Besides the first film, it’s actually my favorite of the series. How could you not like that ending?

#6 – Euro-horror classic

This is my favorite Argento film and one of my favorite European horror films of all time. It’s got a killer soundtrack, a cool story with an eerie dreamlike location. Lots of colors and interesting characters and scenes. And Jessica Harper! It has always been a little slow at times, but it has a great climax and great build-up. I was definitely a joy to see on the big-screen again.

#7 – Cannibal movie, though not necessarily the type you might expect

This was a decent nostalgic horror film. It was in that era during the ’80s where films were given decent studio budgets, but they weren’t quite stuck in that cookie-cutter studio formula. So this film is fun in that sense. Good effects and tension, decent story, and of course, Daniel Stern.

#8 – Bizzaro horror/exploitation rarity directed by an infamous foreign filmmaker; screened here in an extended cut never before seen on video or DVD

One thing I love about Exhumed Films is when all of the audience seems to be on the same page. When that cat jumped on the table and Hugo Stiglitz picked it up, walked purposefully through his mansion and threw it over a fence into a giant cage full of cats, the audience erupted in spontaneous laughter that didn’t die down for a few minutes.

This film was full of scenes like that. A millionaire playboy, flies around in his helicopter and picks up women. He brings them to his monastery (Yes, monastery!), cuts off their heads and feeds their bodies to his horde of cats. This isn’t a good film, but its a great film to watch. The ending alone is worth it. One of the highlights of the night.

#9 – Sexy vampires having sexy sex

The title of this film was much more alluring than the content. It’s standard stuff. A bus traveling through the countryside of some unnamed European country stops at a town that is not even on the map! It turns out the town is full of vampires. Some of the passengers are killed, and some of the lucky few are seduced and killed. It was entertaining on a very forgettable level.

#10 – Fun, underrated sci-fi/action movie

This was fun. I really liked the first ten minutes. But at this point of the night I just couldn’t do it anymore and spent most of this film in and out of sleep. But what I saw was enjoyable and I really wish I could have watched more of it.

#11 – A wonderful movie for children, provided that the children are all fucked up on LSD

This one woke me up due to its sheer terrible-ness. I don’t even think the film print even had a title on it. I would describe it as a dubbed Mexican musical taking place in a world of classic monsters and the human town right outside that world. An evil witch wants to corrupt the children living in the town, turning them into impolite and misbehaving children. Only Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb can stop her! Terrible songs, hideous costumes, and the worst dog-actor you will ever see. It was funny for a while, but it wasn’t always the good type of terrible that could have kept me entertained through its long 80 minute running time.

#12 – Loopy, surreal sequel to a bonafide horror classic

Yes, the original was a bonafide horror classic, but it wasn’t very scary. Still, it was a great campy film. This sequel is played as a goofy comedy but lacks the seriousness and charm of the first. It was just a bit too stupid for my tastes. Maybe if I wasn’t so worn out at this time. But that’s the problem with watching 12 movies in a row! You start to get a little picky.

#13 – Schlocky “special effectsploitation” film that’s really just an update of the 1950’s style monster movie

I swear I had seen this before, but I can’t remember where. Or maybe the story was so predictable that I was having deja vu for no reason? Whatever the case, the film is nothing special. Yes, the special effects of the title character are impressive and very gooey. But beyond that it’s a standard monster/slasher. It probably makes a great trailer, but that’s all I would recommend watching.

#14 – Slasher movie that was a staple of late-night HBO programming in the early ’80s

That period of HBO programming was a bit before my time. But if this film is any indication of quality, I don’t think I missed much. There is nothing particularly wrong with it, just more a lack of anything I would consider compelling. It’s a standard slasher involving a group of young people stuck on an island where they are slowly being murdered. I’ll give you a hint: It’s not the dogs.

#15 – Zombie movie that is ridiculously stupid, shamelessly derivative, and totally trashy… which is why we love it so much

I would enjoy watching this film. But not during hour 24. Again, it goes back to being picky after watching hours of terrible films. This one is a standard Fulci film. Zombies, blood, gore. It’s fun, yes. But there is nothing particularly compelling if you are craving something great to keep you going.

My Guesses: 1) The Omen 2) Q: The Winged Serpent 3) Straw Dogs 4) Scanners 5) Cannibal Holocaust 6) Company of Wolves 7) Alive! 8) The Beast 9) Blood for Dracula 10) Buckaroo Banzai 11) 5000 Fingers of Dr. T 12) Evil Dead 2 13) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 14) Prom Night 2 15) Hard Rock Zombies

3 thoughts on “Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horror-thon 2012

  1. I really want them to play Hard Rock Zombies one year. A) Cause I want to be the only person squeeing like last time and B) I would kill to see that movie on the big screen. Oscar-worthy lines. Lol

  2. YES! Screw trying to find a copy of a Vincent Price movie or the Thin Man!

    I think these guys have gotten so many royalty checks from me being obsessed with that movie. Lol

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