The Baron of Arizona

Samuel Fuller, USA, 1950

The Baron of Arizona is based on a true story. Vincent Price plays the titular Baron, James Reavis, a brilliant con-artist who came up with a scheme to claim all of the land of Arizona for his own.

How he does it, and almost gets away with it, is the subject of the film. It’s a great story and the procedural segments are fun and thrilling. At its best, the film lets Vincent Price command the audience. At its worse, when the film focuses on the more sentimental moments, the pacing issues emerge.

But it leads to a great scene at the end where the townsfolk attempt to get revenge on the man who stole all their land. You can See Fuller coming in to himself in that scene. But overall he directs this adequately and lets Vincent Price do his thing at the right moments. It’s a fine little film about a interesting American story.

trophyThis film wins the award “Most Confident Confidence Man” for James Reavis having the audacity to come up with this plan and to stick to it.

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