The Giant Mechanical Man

Lee Kirk, USA, 2012, 94 min.

Unfortunately, there are no robots in The Giant Mechanical Man. Instead, its a good-natured and sweet romantic comedy/drama. It’s quirky to the max but it does have the right attitude, even if we’ve seen it all before.

But how annoyingly quirky the story is! A street-performer who walks around the city on stilts and painted silver, (the titular man) wants to show society that they are not alone when thinking about how everyone has become robots in their life. He’s actually pretty good at it.

There is a girl of course. She is skating by in life with no clear direction, unsure of where to go or what to do. She ends up living with his sister who tries to set her up with a cheese ball self-help guru (Played very entertainingly by Topher Grace.)

Eventually, the man and woman both wind up working at the local zoo, and a friendship is kindled. What happens next is very predictable. Romance, misunderstandings, confrontations, reconciliation, etc. Nothing you haven’t seen before a million times.

What I noticed about this film from the first second was how unbearably “independent” it was. From the quirky characters and the musical choices. And even the message and theme of the film. And it even stars Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina! It doesn’t get much more indie than that.

After describing my feelings about this film to a friend he said that it’s a sad day when independent cinema could be called cliche. And it’s true. This movie, although well-meaning with some good scenes here and there, is predictable and unsurprising.

trophyThis film wins the award “Most Brazenly Indie Film” for being the story of, and I quote “An offbeat romantic comedy about a silver-painted street performer and the soft spoken zoo worker who falls for him.”

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