G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Jon M. Chu, USA, 2013, 110 min.

The second G.I. Joe movie arrives into theaters a full nine months late. That extra gestation gave the studio time to coat the film in a nice layer of 3D, but instead of wasting time on that they should have given the script a nice new edit.

There are some things you should know about me before you continue reading this review. I have not seen the cartoon at all, so when I saw the first film I was not incensed about the deviation from cannon. So I enjoyed it. It had good action scenes, some fun characters with clear roles, over-the-top coincidences, and a plot that made enough sense to hold it all together (if you didn’t think about it too much).

The second film picks up where the first one left off except that most of the characters from the original are gone or replaced, and a bunch of new ones are added. The humor is still there, which is good, and the character’s are pretty cool. But sometimes it’s just a bit over-the-top, especially Bruce Willis, who for some reason has a tank in his garage.

The script is where things go a bit off the rails. I am not asking for much when it comes to the plot of a G.I. Joe movie, but when I get confused as to what people’s plans are and what motivates the character’s actions, then the script needs work.

But oh well. I can’t complain. There were some good things. The 3D was pretty good for post-conversion. Dwayne Johnson has great screen presence as usual and delivers the humor when needed. There is a guy that does Parkour, and there is a ninja fight on the side of the mountain. I guess you win, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but it was a close one.

trophyThis film wins the award “Funniest Prison Warden” for Walter Goggins really enjoying himself while giving a tour of his prison.

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