Nine Dead

Chris Shadley, USA, 2010, 98 min.

I have a thing for “A group of people trapped somewhere” movies. I don’t know why. I love to see the group dynamics unfold and watch as they slowly get picked off one by one, rooting for who gets to go next. It’s my cinematic guilty pleasure.

So the gimmicky premise of Nine Dead immediately caught my eye. Nine people are kidnapped and held captive by a masked gunman who tells them he will kill one every ten minutes unless they figure out their connection to each other and why he kidnapped them.

They are seemingly strangers, but try to piece together information through their frantic dialog, slowly getting picked off in the process. It’s a gimmick, but it works well because of the actual ticking clock.

The plot has so much potential to wrap up in a nonsensical way. So many other films of this type have done it. But this one manages to pull of a convoluted by reasonably believable ending.

It has that going for it, and it also is competently made, stars Melissa Joan Hart, and has an entertaining gimmick. If it sounds like you will like it, than you probably will.

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