Egidio Coccimiglio, USA, 2013, 88 min.

This is a remake of the South Korean film 301, 302, and tells the story of the strange dynamic between a food-obsessed cook (Heather Graham) and the anorexic actress that lives next door (Carrie-Anne Moss)

It’s a promising idea that had potential. But the script, although peppered with some cool disturbing elements, is a bit dry for the first half. Then the character motivations start going a little haywire. It was as if there was no clear idea how to move the film towards the climax and the film-makers just made the characters act for the sake of acting.

There are some good things: the production design, Heather Graham in 50’s style outfits, some good footage of cooking food, and an interesting ending. But there is nothing to tie it together.

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