Things I love about Films

Today is a day where I just feel like making a list of all the things I love in movies. Little moments that make me want to stand up and cheer, or pump my fist in the air, or sit back and sigh with delight, or just cry because my whole body is filled with that feeling that only a great scene in a film can make you have.

So in no particular order, just off the top of head, here are some things that make films great for me.

The smash-cut ending of Cronenbergs’s The Fly.

In The Warriors, Swan stopping the girl from fixing her hair when they are riding the subway with those prom teenagers.

Eriq La Salle, wet from the rain, looking at the camera in Coming To America.

The noise the dancing skeleton makes when it leaps off-screen in Evil Dead 2.

Daniel Plainview being baptized in There Will Be Blood.

The limbless man crawling through the mud with a knife in his teeth in Freaks.

The velociraptor smashing into the mirrored counter while chasing the kids through the kitchen in Jurassic Park.

Ben and Elaine sitting in the back of the bus, not smiling in The Graduate.

Buster Keaton’s face in the last shot of Sherlock Jr.

The moment when Takashi Miike’s Happiness of the Katakuris first breaks out in song.

The over-the-top cut to the funeral scene in Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, with that great music!

Danny Huston going crazy and spanking Sean like a madman in Birth.

That whole final monk/amazon-women fight in Jackie Chan’s Armour of God.

Bruce Lee not fighting in first film for a good 40 minutes and then FINALLY losing control and kicking butt.

That goddamn montage at the beginning of Up.

The crucifixion musical number in Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Everyone trying to get the seeds to grow in My Neighbor Totoro.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s drug freak-out/rescue in Wolf of Wall Street.

The moments before the pig-blood wire is pulled in DePalma’s Carrie.

The reversed go-pro style camera work in Requiem for a Dream.

The energy behind the opening incarceration scenes in Old Boy.

Leon literally melting in and out of shadows in the beginning of Leon: The Professional.

Chris Tucker’s OVER THE TOP performance in The Fifth Element.

The iconic shots of Lola running in Run Lola Run.

The turning-set fight in Inception.

The penis spliced into the last shot of Fight Club.

That final chase scene in Carlito’s Way.

The climactic dance in Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi.

The touching and perfect punch-in-the-gut ending of Sabu’s Postman Blues.

Everyone beating up Tim Robbins and crushing him with an air conditioner in High Fidelity.

Melanie Lynskey’s musical number in  Away We Go.

Falling in love with the music of Once.

The zoom out into a snow-globe in Dellamorte Dellamore.

The breast-feeding scene in Pixote.

Wow, now I want to go watch some films. I hope this list made you want to do the same. I’ll have to do this again sometime. Same time next year?

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