Uncharted Cinema: A Film a Week for 2016

Now that the rush of the Best of 2015 is almost over, it’s time to broaden the scope of my film consumption. My problem in the past has always been that I get caught up going down a particular rabbit hole of film for weeks at a time. The Best of the Year is a good example. I’ve watched nothing but films made in 2015 for a month.

This doesn’t just happen at the end of the year either. I spent a few weeks in 2015 watching only martial arts movies, A month checking off films from TSHDT Top 1000, and another week or two just watching movies known to be terrible.

I watch and love films from all eras, genres and countries, and I want to make sure I hit them all in 2016. So what I’ve done is enlist the help of a curator to pick one a film a week for me to watch. These will be films I’ve never seen, and could be from any segment of cinema.

And the fun part is that I won’t know what the film is ahead of time. So when the film is revealed, I’ll write a little bit about my expectations, watch the film, and then write my full review. I’ll be doing this 52 times this year so come back and check out how things are going.

I’m sure there will be some bad films, and some great films. Some things will surprise me and some won’t. I will probably watch a few films I was planning on seeing anyway, and a few films I had no plans to see at all. And maybe  I’ll even watch a film I haven’t ever heard of! Whatever the case, I’m excited about the project. So here’s to making 2016 a rousing year of cinema consumption!

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