REELfriction explodes with updates!


The website looks different, doesn’t it? This redesign heralds some big news for REELfriction!

First, we added some new people to the team! Our line-up now includes four die-hard film fans. You are familiar with Lowest Common Denominator and myself, and we are both pleased to welcome Z and Lab Rat.

Lab Rat

If there is a film director you’re supposed to like, Lab Rat likes it. If there is a movie you’re supposed to like, Lab Rat likes it. If you say something bad about Stanley Kubrick, Lab Rat will hunt you down beat you. Oh, he also likes unicorns. (Written by Z)


Z is full of joy when it comes to discussing moving pictures. She’s most enraptured when she watching something with glitter, glitz and glam. She’s particularly drawn to the flash, the glimmer, the twinkle, shimmer and shine of… Who am I kidding? She likes shiny objects. (Written by Lab Rat)

You’ll soon start seeing reviews from all of us showing up in the feed.

Also, all four of us will soon be invading your ear-holes with the upcoming REELfriction Podcast! Please stay turned for more info on that in the coming weeks.

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