Lab Rat’s Experiments – Sing Street (2016)


John Carney, Ireland/USA/UK, 2016, 105 mins.

From the Director and Writer of Once, John Carney, who also wrote and directed this, is a film about a young boy, Conor or “Cosmo”, in 1985 inner city Dublin. As Carney has in the past, the film is told on the foundation of music.

In Sing Street the music comes as naturally as it did in Once. At its simplest, the plot involves Cosmo dealing with his teenage life while he falls for a girl and his parents have problems. In order to impress the girl and, somewhat subsequently, mitigate the negativity of his home life, he forms a band. It’s quite impromptu, comical, and endearing. I don’t want to really say more because I don’t want to spoil the ride.

In a nutshell, this film manages to pull off what sounds like a very basic, pedestrian story really isn’t at all. It’s so much more. It’s organic, fun, funny, and touching. The cast is really, really great. They make this movie happen naturally. The supporting cast just seems to be embodying their roles fully. Oh, if it’s not something you expected already, having mentioned Carney’s name, this movie has fantastic music throughout. Though it really isn’t an Academy Award contender, Sing Street is truly a joy of a film.

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  1. While I wasn’t a fan of the ending, I LOVE this movie. The music is fantastic and it’s just such a great story.

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