Podcast #2 – 24 Hour Horrorthon! EF2016


It’s true! We are back with another episode of the ReelFriction podcast!

This episode contains our inaugural Cinema Sodomy where LCD reviews Holy Motors . We also begin our discussion of James Cameron in Filmmakers Corner (Xenogenesis, through Aliens) and for our main topic we’re discussing Exhumed Films 24-horror Horrorthon.

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Episode Notes

TC mentions it in a little side note at the beginning of the podcast but things were again a  little shaky for this podcast. We apologize for the sound problems and the rambling and we definitely have all of the kinks taken care of by episode 3.

If you are interested in Exhumed films please visit their website at http://www.exhumedfilms.com/ and like them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ExhumedFilms/

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