A Year of Uncharted Cinema

Read about the Uncharted Cinema Project here.

2016 is coming to a close and I have watched 21 films in my Uncharted Cinema Project. Nowhere near the 52 that I wanted to. But I have come to realize that is okay. There are lots of films out there and I was feeling too constrained to watch and review films I might not have been interested in.

But a lot of good did come out of it. I saw some great films that I may never have seen otherwise.

I won’t go into detail onto the specifics, but I will say that my favorite of the bunch was Koreyoshi Kurahara’s The Warped Ones, and the worst was probably Lucio Fulci’s Four of the Apocalypse.

Check out my entire journey here

This was a valuable experience, but next year I’ll be watching films more on my own schedule and writing about the films that I think are interesting to write about.

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