Larry Charles, USA, 2009, 83 min.

The thing about Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno and Borat is that you will never see anything like them. His films stand alone as unique projects. So when this new one came along, I just had to see it, knowing that it would be a unique experience at the worst.

I will not give away anything that happens in Bruno (I wish I didn’t read about it before I watched it!), because not knowing what is going to happen in some scenes will make them that much funnier. Suffice it so say that if you liked the first film, you will also like this film.

There are some major differences, however. Bruno does not have any scenes the caliber of the home run one-of-the-funniest-things-I’ve-ever-seen bits from Borat. It does have some that come close, and many that are more outrageous. But it is always funny.

LCD, in a rare moment of clarity, noticed the main difference between the two films after watching the trailer. Borat is an innocent likeable character, and Bruno is not.

That is true. Borat was innocent. He had feelings and the audience would feel sorry for him. He was ignorant, but not racist. And because of this he let people make fools of themselves. Bruno is in your face, annoying, and one-dimensional. He forces people to make fools of themselves because he almost attacks them. It’s like police entrapment.

But it is funny. Very funny. And although the film has no real story, it goes smoothly from one bit to the next. It’s not a great film that has something to say like Borat did, but it was entertaining, over-the-top, border-line offensive, and one of a kind.

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