The Driver

The titular character in The Driver, played by Ryan O’Neal, doesn’t speak much. No one does really, except for Bruce Dern’s crazy detective out to get him. In fact, the film is so disinterested in information, that the sparseness actually becomes the point of the film. In fact, no one is ever even given a name.



I am definitely aging myself when I tell you that some of my fondest childhood memories were staying up way past my bedtime and catching some weird movie on one of the local channels at 2am or finding a weird VHS tape to rent at West Coast Video.


Introducing….The Action Movie Project and Action Movie Mondays

LCD here, and I’m really pumped about this new project I’m working on. Let me tell you about it. If you listened to Episode 6 of the ReelFriction Podcast (and you really, really should have by now), you know that I have taken it upon myself to view and talk about the people who really got me into movies in the first place: the great action heroes of the 1980s.