Uncharted Cinema #13: Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow opens with a vintage 70’s film strip. An advertisement for a cult-like wellness center, Arboria, that promises to deliver members true happiness.

Oh, how wrong they were. For the characters, and, unfortunately, for the viewer as well. This film is a slog. Its visual aesthetic is a claustrophobic second-rate Kubrick clone and its soundtrack is composed of the same brain-numbing repetitive sounds.


Uncharted Cinema #5: Four of the Apocalypse

Nope! This is poorly made on nearly every level. The film opens on Stubby Preston, a professional gambler played by Fabio Testi. He arrives at a small town to try to make some money, but instead was intercepted by the sheriff and thrown in jail. Whilst there, he meets the other three main characters: young pregnant prostitute Bunny (Lynne Frederick), drunk Clem (Michael J. Pollard), and a black undertaker named Bud (Harry Baird).


Uncharted Cinema #3: The Great Magician

Well, it turns out The Great Magician is very similar to the Detective Dee series. If you liked those, you would like this. And the inverse, in my case, is also true. I found it strange how similar they were because, as far as I could tell, the films don’t share any creative talent. Maybe movies like this are just the style of popular cinema produced in the Hollywood of China and Hong Kong? (Often referred to as Chinawood. No, I’m not making this stuff up, folks!)